If it’s flat, we can cut it. When we cut it, we’re precise

At Orana Precision Cutting Services, we can cut practically anything that’s flat. The imagination is our only limitation.

We are cutting specialists, providing fast, practical and economical cutting solutions for use in mining, agriculture, engineering, motor sports and around the home. We provide profile cutting and bevel cutting solutions for a range of professional and recreational purposes.

With the latest in precision cutting technology, we can create a design to meet your needs using our laser, water jet or plasma cutting machines. Each process is designed to allow for accuracy and we can select the most suitable machine to meet your needs, based on the material, the application, the finish and the quantity.


Water Jet

This is the first machine we purchased and is fitted with 5 axis technology which allows...



Laser Cutter

The laser cutting technology provides accurate cutting



Plasma Cutter

The plasma allows cutting of ferrous metals up to 32mm in mild steel with an accuracy of less than 1mm...

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